HI-TEC Neurosurgical Sponges

Specialized, surgical sponges for neuro, orthopedic, spinal vascular and microscopic surgeries. Made of high absorbent material, easily replace and remove.

Its elasticity provides ease of use.

Sponges and strips are X-Ray detectable.

Smooth-surface conforms to tissue contours when moist.

HI-TEC Neurosurgical sponge has absorbent property for its both surface.

HI-TEC Neurosurgical sponges are made of non-woven cotton providing a soft, strong, thin and high absorbent character in use.

HI-TEC Neurosurgical sponges is made from a pliable natural hemostatic material with hypoallergenic and biocompatible properties.

Due to the high quality of material HI-TEC Neurosurgical sponges provides effective bleeding control ( Hemostasis ).

HI-TEC Neurosurgical sponges provide absorbtion and keep the liquid.

Soft texture reduces possibility of tissue trauma. Disposable material, non-absorbable, 10 pads/ strips in 1 sterile package, 20 sterile packages in 1 box.