Degradable Anti-Adhesion Gel

Suprogel is an anti-adhesive gel that used for preventing adhesions after operations.

  • Ready for inject form.
  • It has appropriate apparatus for laparoscopic use.
  • It can be used in open and laparoscopic surgery.
  • It is ready to use and can be observed in application area easily.
  • Application is easy and it reaches all the surfaces.
  • It does not need extra device to apply. It saves gel form on the tissue.
  • It provides a safety adhesion barrier.
  • If surgeon does not use Suprogel, the result will be peridural fibrosis and the second operation will be unavoidable.

Abdominal Adhesions;  The digestive system is a part of the intestines. Abdominal adhesions can cause intestinal obstruction as a result of harm to your digestive system.  The most intense way to abdominal adhesions caused by abdominal surgery. Adhesion formation is seen in the large section after abdominal surgery for most of patients.

Pelvic Adhesions; All abdominal and pelvic organs which is exception of ovarian is covered by peritoneum (peritonel). Even if being very careful surgical intervention to the abdominal membrane, adhesion will cause inflammation. Although inflammation is a normal process of healing, it accelarates the adhesion with scar tissue.

Tendon Surgery; Suprogel prevents the formation of scar tissue after perineural peripheral nerve surgery. Suprogel adhesion barrier prevents the adhesion of tendon injuries and accelarates the healing process.After hand surgery, unstoppable peri-tendon adhesions will bring challenging clinical results.

Areas of Use

  • General Surgery,
  • Liver and Gall Surgery,
  • Tumor Surgery, Urological Department,
  • Spine Surgery,
  • Orthopedy (knee-hip),
  • Hand Surgery
  • Gynecology
  • Obstetrics Department, etc.