Polypropylene Mesh

SUPROMESH is indicated in the treatment of hernias, eventrations and rectal and genital urinary prolapses. It can be used of inguinal, crural and incisional hernias. It can be used by coelioscopic or laparotomic techniques.

Mesh is permeable; this gives it a high capacity for establishment and integration.

Mesh is transparent and flexible, making it easy to use in celioscopy or laparotomy and enabling it to fit perfectly against the cavity wall.

Mesh has excellent multidirectional mechanical properties and exeptional resistance to tearing.

Fibrosis measurements with electron microscopic observed after a month.


  •  Thinner than all available meshes. Providing extra ease and comfort for the patient.
  • Ideal flexibility providing easier placement.
  • Ideal tensile strenght. Excellent resistance and elasticity. Ideal porosity. Optimum rigidity and minimal rate. Minimum infection risk.
  • No shrinkage. High capacity for colonization and integra on effects wound healing positively.